One September Afternoon

ROME, LAZIO, ITALY – One September afternoon in Rome, I decided to venture into a church I’d passed many times before but never gone into. (If you’ve been to Rome, you know how this is – there are simply too many to visit them all.)

On that first visit, I was all awe. In particular, I remember turning from one chapel to another and stopping, caught by this scene in front of me. The afternoon sun was sinking low and filling the golden church of Sant’Andrea della Valle with a warm glow. In this simple enclave only one beam of light shone through – illuminating the lady and transforming the color palette into soft purples, browns and golds, beauty in tones I have not yet been able to capture there again.

It has since become my go-to church, the cathedral I sit in when I want to write, to read, to think, to gaze. An old, dependable friend, who changes only with the light.

One September Afternoon

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