A Moment Captured

SULTANAHMET, ISTANBUL, TURKEY – I usually stand and wait as long is necessary until people are entirely clear of whatever shot I am planning, but this image and these two were too perfect not to capture.

I had finally managed to get some time off (during the day) from the hostel I was working at in Istanbul (during summer 2012), and headed straight for my favorite place in the city. With camera in hand, I headed through the massive ancient doors and plunged myself into the past, ready for a few more hours with arguably the most beautiful photography subject in the city. The marble, the golden ceilings, and the chandeliers coloring everything with a warm glow turn this ruin of a cathedral-turned-mosque into a romantic and magical space. The sounds were the hushed voices of hundreds of awed tourists and the clicking of just as many cameras. After wandering around for some time, I noticed the crowds beginning to clear. The day was growing late. I headed to the center of the structure and found the perfect spot for the image I wanted to capture.

As I framed my shot, I saw this couple. The type of imaging I do requires multiple exposures, so any moving subjects become blurry. This couple did not move – as I framed the shot, as I hesitated, as I took it. They merely stood beneath this grand chandelier, surrounded by light and beauty, looking into each others eyes. It was perfect. It was beautiful. It is my favorite shot from that day.

Hagia Sophia

                                                                                   Click on the image to view a larger size

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