My Kind of Fourth

ROME, LAZIO, ITALY – A year ago I was in Rome, and had completely forgotten about the upcoming 4th of July holiday until a friend of mine back in the USA reminded me of it about a week prior to the day (no one in Italy had any idea it was approaching, naturally). Although it was a minimal sadness, being in Rome as I was, I found myself disappointed that I would miss out on the annual fireworks and crowded festivities.

I knew that Saints Day (the day which celebrates the patron saints of a city, common in Italy – for Rome, it is Saints Peter and Paul) was approaching but had no idea what that would mean. When the day came (June 29th), I discovered that there would be a fireworks display over Castel’Sant Angelo, right along the Tiber – one of my favorite monuments in the city. I got there early, but still had to push through the crowds to secure the spot on the next bridge over that I knew would provide the greatest view.

Explosions for half an hour filled the sky with light and smoke, my camera clicking away. I got my fireworks for the year, and two scoops of gelato afterwards. I was quite content.

My Fireworks

Click on the image to view a larger size

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